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Our mission is to transform businesses and help 100 million employees become measurably more engaged. Join a network of over 300 partners who share this vision and discover an opportunity to grow and thrive with the power of engagement.
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Our Platform

Measure engagement with proven results

Our employee engagement software goes far beyond scores—it guides and focuses a company’s efforts and brings transformative results quickly. With more than 93% of organizations achieving the coveted Engaged status in less than a year, you can introduce Engagement Multiplier to your clients with confidence.

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Framework & structure
Your clients see progress and impact immediately. From purpose statements to survey cycles to team participation, it’s a structure that uncovers hidden truths, gets everyone on the same page, and forges solid bonds and commitments.
Secure, easy-to-use tools
Anonymous employee surveys and communication tools give all employees a voice—and the interactive dashboard provides measurable results and concrete insights to move forward.
Superior support & guidance
Your clients are never alone in their journey to create an Engaged Organization—we’re with them at every step. Dedicated Engagement Specialists and a library of resources support every phase of the program.

Employee Engagement

Be a part of the biggest topic in the business world today

Why is employee engagement so impactful? Fully engaged companies experience astounding results when they make employee engagement a priority. Improvements in productivity, employee retention rate, safety record, and morale lead to strong organizations that grow by leaps and bounds.

Increased employee retention
Improved productivity levels
Increased customer retention
Greater overall profitability
Data from the Corporate Leadership Council

“It’s unbelievably easy to sell to chief execs. They love the dashboard, they love the fact that they get the numbers, and it pinpoints areas of need as well as areas of achievement.”

Crispin Manners
Crispin Manners, Chairman and CEO of Onva Consulting

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Engagement Multiplier helps businesses all over the world become connected, energized, self-managing companies. It all starts with uncovering the truth.

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